Excluding file from compilation in Xcode

By default, when you create a new file or import a file into Xcode, if the file type is recognized as a source file (.c, .m .js, etc), the file is added to the Compile Sources folder in the application target.
You may not always prefer this default action – for example, if a JavaScript file is imported, Xcode does not know what to do with this file type so a compile warning is generated

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Conditional compilation – easy way !!

I achieved this by adding a #define in .pch file for each project.

and do #import based on that definition using #ifdef

This is the pretty cool and easy way  if your are sharing single source code set across multiple target/build/project

Just make use of different .pch file for different builds.

You want to create <n>  number of .pch file for <n> targets. Assign corresponding  .pch file for each target’s info