I started incorporating the accelerometer events in my app.
My app is quite similar to the
SampleDrillDown (one of the example app provided by apple). I am having menus in my app, which are like
Category -> Sub category -> final item page

All the above navigations are through pushing view controllers.

I am trying to add accelerometer delegate methods to select any of the cell in tableview on tilting the device up or down, moreover tilting right will push the view controller and tilting left will pop.

  • My concern is about how to set delegate for UIAccelerometer for such an implementation? 
  • Also the method like “selectCellAtIndexPath” will simply highlight the cell, so i want to call UITableView’s delegate method  “didSelectRowAtIndexPath” explicitly. ( to push corresponding viewcontroller)

I don’t think there is much harm in doing so..
But i would like to hear from someone who implemented this in much better way…

Checkout an abstract sample code

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